Carnage (pronounced Carn-a-hay) is a penninsula on the western edge of the continent of Heim. It is the location where the Mount and Blade: Bannerlord mod Carnage: Brother on Brother will take place in. It is a temperate environment, designed after real world England. Carnage is very north and would be much colder, if it wasn't for the warm wind that frequently blows over this land from the neighboring ocean.

Politically, Carnage has usually been a very fragmented region, first lived on by trolls and then humans when they arrived. However, for a period of 1,000 years, the land of Carnage was united as the Kingdom of Carnage, one of the most prosperous kingdoms in human history. This kingdom eventually collapsed into many smaller factions, after a civil war known as The War of the Twins in the year 12,798. Today, the land is separated into four kingdoms, which include Canfor, Pescalon, Avaradia, and Calavera. These kingdoms are at constant conflict with one another, and it is up to the player to finally end all conflicts, and bring about peace once more.

In the millenniums before the founding of Makerism, Carnage, alongside the lands of Yore that are directly to the south, was the cultural center of the Druid peoples. It is said that both trolls and humans lived side by side during this era.