This page is devoted to combining and writing down information related to the various companions available to recruit or hire in the coming mod Carnage: Brother on Brother. Each section of this page has to do with a specific companion, and explains their back-story.

Ser James LeGuire Edit

James is a companion avaliable to hire for 5,000 gold, with combat skills and gear to match that price. He is a Knight of Yangus, and hails from Argonia.

Gavin (Gank Gule) Edit

Gavin is a legend in hiding, once known as Gank Gule, a notorious brigand leader who caused an entire army to defect and follow his cause of raiding and pilaging. Today, Gavin is much older, and while he is very wise when it comes to tactics and he is good with a crossbow, he is not quite the fighter he used to be. There was a certain point in his life, where he suddenly felt gulity for all he had done, and he decided to drop pilaging all together. Even to this day, he drinks his guilt away with alcohol. Gank is potentially going to be an important character in the main storyline.

Ser Appius Zanith Edit

Appius Zanith is a secretive Keeper Knight, or one of the knights from the secret order that guards the portal on Rusthol from evil hands and keeps it blockaded from the evils on the other side. He is stationed in Carnage, and his job is to recruit other people for his order. In his youth, Appius was one of Gank Gule's brigands, and the two are good friends. Appius is potentially going to be an important character in the main storyline.