Faven, often refereed to as the God of Love or the Lord of Life, is a deity that has been worshiped by humanity since about the year 300 HE, and by trolls much earlier before that.

History Edit

In the years before mankind came to Salior, was believed by many troll clans around the regions of Carnage and Yore that all life in the world was created by Faven, a mysterious deity who loves all creation. First, they believed, that Faven created the dragons, to be the kings of all creation. Then, Faven created the trolls to be their subjects, and to do their bidding. Finally, they believe that Faven created all other plant an animal life in the world. These early beliefs about Faven are much different than more modern takes on this religion.

When humanity arrived in Heim for the first time, the first human migrants landed in Carnage. These individuals were originally believers of the Old Gods of the Old World, but eventually, many humans actually came to be converted to the troll's beliefs in Faven. These humans and trolls, which lived together in a bi-species society for thousands of years, were known as the Druids.