Magick is a powerful force which all energy comes from. There are many beliefs about where magic comes from, but none have been proven to be fact. There are six kinds of magic: Justice, Hate, Order, Insanity, Love, and Decay. Justice, Order, and Love make up what is called the Whitelight, while Hate, Insanity, and Decay make up the Blacklight. On each light, there are three opposing pairs: Justice rivals Hate in the Sphere of Power, Order rivals Insanity in the Sphere of Structure, and Love rivals Decay in the Sphere of Viability. It is possible for one to learn the secrets of only one magical domain, which causes an individual to gain great power.

For the twelve-thousand years humanity existed in Salior, magic was mostly forgotten, though there were a few magic users who existed in secret, like some members of the Keeper Knights.


Hate/Justice = Pyromancy

Insanity = Chaomancy

Decay = Necromancy

Love = Auromancy

Order = Cryomancy