Nask is the realm where mankind originally came from, before they arrived in the realm of Salior. It has a long history, with humans always being the dominant species of the world.

History Edit

Humanity originally existed in many wandering tribes throughout the realm, moving from place to place and constantly fighting each other. Eventually, agriculture and bronze were discovered, and the first civilizations arose. Many cultures, now mostly forgotten, rose and fell as civilizations clashed for land and resources. After several thousand years, iron was eventually discovered and knowledge of its use spread throughout the land. Two important civilizations formed in different parts of the world. On the western cost of Ovaglon, the Namoni built a powerful civlization around the city of Res. In the Horcine Isles in the far north, the isolated Domintry peoples prospered due to their favorable climate and distance from the opposing civilizations of the south. These two civilizations were the first to discover magic, shown to them by the Mysterious Figure, and they soon gained great power, splitting up the rest of the known world and connecting distant regions with networks of portals. It wasn't long before other realms were discovered, and humanity became an interplaner species, conquering several others in the process.

Eventually, mankind ran into a realm owned by the Chiten people. These various similar races had antl-like qualities, and lived in colonies under a queen, the only one of their groups that could lay eggs. Due to their lack of ability to feel pain, their organized nature, and their strength in numbers, humanity soon found themselves losing ground to the Chiten. Many human controlled realms were lost soon afterward, and people back on Nask were getting desperate. In order to prevent their own extinction, many humans began researching magicks that had previously been forbidden. It wasn't long after this, that many beings became corrupted by dark magic, and humanity became enslaved by these dark magicians, who built armies of the subjugated, or humans and other races mind-controlled by dark magick. The chiten continued fighting against humanity, and a stalemate was reached where neither side could gain much ground, which has lasted even till this day.

Several hundred years later, a group of humans managed to escape their evil overlords, by secretly discovering and building a portal to the realm of Salior. This portal was eventually discovered by the dark magick users, but it had been blockaded from the other side long before by the Keeper Knights, so they had no way of getting through to Salior.