The Rules of the Prose, are a series of rules that must be followed when adding lore to the Saliorpedia. These rules ensure that the lore makes logical sense, and that certain boundaries are not crossed in when adding to the prose. The rules can be found bellow. This page cannot be edited without direct permission from Ramaraunt. If these rules are violated on purpose, you may be permanently removed from this community.

The Rules of the Prose Edit

  1. One must not add to the lore in an unreasonable fashion, where new additions do not make sense when compared with older lore that someone has written previously.
  2. One must discuss major additions of the lore with Ramaraunt before they are added, to make sure that the lore remains cohesive and follows the original ideas it was designed to follow.
  3. One must never reference real world events or people directly anywhere in this wiki, and while writers may be inspired by works of popular fiction, they cannot copy them directly.
  4. One must never use someone else's ideas in the lore without their explicit permission. Inspiration is fine, but plagiarism is not.
  5. When it comes to matters of belief and religions in the world, the lore must remain agnostic, and no religion should be proven to be correct.