When humanity originally arrived in Salior, it is said they arrived somewhere deep in the land of Rusthol, a cold and mostly barren wasteland in the far north. In the northern parts of Rusthol, there still exists trolls who are taking advantage of the extreme conditions there, which make it hard for humanity to conquer them. There is a legend that there also still exists a dragon in northern Rusthol, named Cuebane, hidden somewhere deep in the northern peaks. These northern mountains, known as the Radoran Mountains, have some of the tallest peaks in the known world, but have mostly been unmapped due to how hostile and savage this region is. The farther south you go in Rusthol, the warmer it gets. In the southern half, while it is still extremely cold, there exists temperatures where it is possible to barely grow crops during the warmer months of the year. Because of this, there has existed here settlements of mankind, which some say have been here since humanity arrived in Salior.

In these settlements, exist people known as the Hordesmen. These sad people, who have been cursed with this terrible homeland, are mostly made up of roaming tribes in the red tundras of Rusthol, though there also exists groups that live a more solitary lifestyle, fishing and farming during the few months of the year when it is possible. Hordesmen are striking in appearance, and have completley pale white skin, that makes them appear to be walking corpses. To further suggest this idea, they typically have yellow eyes, and jet black hair, though there are also some with red eyes or white hair. Because of their frightning appearnace, and because of their history of raiding other regions of the world for resources, in most of the known world, they are looked at with fear and hatred. In some regions, they are regaurded by other humans as on par with the trolls in savagrey, so they can expect to be imprisoned if they are caught, and most likey executed at the next avaliable circumstance.

The Hordesmens' religious practices are sometimes said to be older than time itself. Indeed, the Horde religions are some of the oldest religions in human history. The Horde religions involve the worshiping of various idols, of which there are thousands of. Since the Horde religions are considered "old" and "incorrect" in most parts of the world, they are branded by most people as pagans, which are not tolerated in most regions of the modern world, as they are viewed to be worshipers of Daemons.